PADI Speciality Courses


The PADI Deep diver specialty takes you through four deep dives teaching you the techniques required for planning and conducting deep dives safely. Try it out and feel the narcosis at depths down to 40 meters!
Price; FJ$695 (4 dives)



The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer speciality is a 2 dive program over 1/2 days, which also includes camera techniques, camera maintenance/preparation, composition and macro photography.
Price: FJ$450 (2 Dives)


Diving at night is an exciting experience. Through three dives on the Night Diver specialty we will take a closer look at nocturnal marine life behaviour and navigate at night to the stage where you can lead your own night dives.
A great way to experience the relaxation and excitement of night diving. Combines well with the Naturalist specialty allowing you to compare day and night behaviour.
Price: FJ$670 (3 Dives)


The equipment specialty gives you a basic knowledge of equipment maintenance and repair. During this day long course you will take a closer look at maintaining and basic problem solving for masks, fins, regualtors, BCDs and tanks. Extremely practical and useful knowledge for enthusiastic divers.


Four dive program taking you through various search patterns, improving your navigation techniques and teaching you how to find different objects in different conditions. We will also show you how to effectively use lift devices allowing you to safely bring heavy objects back to the surface.

*Must be Adventure Diver or higher, or have Navigator specialty.
Price: FJ$695 (4 Dives)


Being able to navigate your way around a dive site gives you more freedom and a much more effective dive plan underwater. You do not need to follow someone else’s fins around but can plan your own dive. This 3 dive specialty will develop your navigational skills both with compass use and natural navigation techniques.

This program will give you practical help with mapping and navigating dive sites and is full of hints and tips that will make your diving more pleasurable. Combines well with Search and Recovery specialty and will be a valuable asset if you ever continue through to Rescue and Divemaster courses.
Price:FJ$600 (3 Dives)


This one day program is designed to give you more appreciation of the underwater environment around you. Makes an excellent combination with the Fish ID speciality!
Price: FJ$450 (2 Dives)


Get to spend more time on dive sites with this two dive introduction to multilevel and computer diving. You’ll learn to use the diving table that allows you to vary your depths during a dive extending your no-decompression limits, plus receive explanations of how to dive with dive computers, a popular and safe way of keeping track of your dive profiles.
Price: FJ$450 (2 Dives)


One of the greatest thrills of diving is just hovering mid-water in a school of barracuda. No stress, effortless, using as little air as possible. This comes from good buoyancy control. This two-dive specialty will focus on correct weighting using your lungs correctly to control your buoyancy.

Save air and energy and develop a more relaxed, controlled diving technique. Great to combine with other specialties where buoyancy is essential, such as Photographer, or with an Open Water course to build greater confidence.
PADI Materials Included: PADI PEAK PERFORMANCE Specialty Manual
Price: FJ$450 (2 Dives)


The PADI Wreck Diver course teaches you the ins and outs of rewarding, responsible wreck diving. The fun part of the PADI Wreck Diver course is visiting wrecks, unlocking mysteries and starting to gain the knowledge and experience that allows you to see things that others overlook.
Please Note: You will need to have completed Adv.Open Water or PADI “Deep Diver”.
Price: FJ$695 (4 Dives)


The PADI Drift Diver Specialty course introduces you to the coolest magic carpet ride you’ll ever experience. This course shows you how to enjoy rivers and ocean currents by “going with the flow,” staying with your dive partner, communicating with the dive boat and knowing where you are the whole time. Drift Diving is nearly effortless and relaxing. You simply glide along and enjoy the rush of flying underwater while the current does the work.